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Two Taylorville natives recently completed the journey of a lifetime, and now they are telling the world about it. Tomra Friesland and Robert Adams went on a 200-mile, 10-day pilgrimage from Warsaw, Poland to Czestachowa, Poland as a part of the Air National Guard’s effort to build a better relationship with the Polish Army.


Friesland, an Air National Guard troop out of the 183rd fighter wing in Springfield, says the trip was grueling enough on foot, but she still had to take care of her health at the end of each day.



Friesland says she had to decide to go through with the pilgrimage or not after day one.



Friesland admits that she’s not a spiritual person. But she says the biggest thing this pilgrimage taught her is that you need to believe in a higher power to get through the struggles of life.



Friesland says she and Adams plan to write an article telling about their journey through Poland in the near future.

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