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Members of the Project 29 Committee pose for a picture after announcing that the committee's mission will be expanding to "Project 29, Push to Pana."


The Project 29 Committee has successfully completed their original mission of making Route 29 a four-lane highway from Springfield to Taylorville, but the committee officially changed that goal Friday morning.


As heard first on Genuine Country WMKR and NewsTalk WTIM, the committee officially announced they are re-branding to “Project 29: Push to Pana” and will now work towards expanding Route 29 to four lanes through the rest of Christian County.


Mike Bell is the Co-Chairman of the Project 29 committee. He says the new Route 29 from Springfield to Taylorville is showing an economic impact in the Edinburg area with the new Ayerco station.



Illinois’ 13th District Congressman Rodney Davis says the efforts of the Route 29 committee over the past 25 years is what led to the federal government and the state government investing in the Route 29 project.



Davis says he’s happy the committee is going to continue working towards getting Route 29 to four lanes through Christian County. He says the higher levels of government won’t invest in a project unless the locals show that they want it.



Bell says meetings will be held at the Starlight Restaurant in Taylorville until a permanent meeting home can be found for the committee.

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