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Facebook Friend Request Likely Harmless

Do not accept a friend request from Jayden Smith. That's just the latest of what an investigator from the Better Business Bureau calls harmless messages on that form of social media. The name on the message can change, but the theme is usually the same.

According to most of the messages, you can open yourself up to viruses and malware if you accept such a request. That is unlikely, unless there is a malicious link attached which you also click on, according to Dan O'Brien. He says a greater threat is sharing to much of your personal life on social media.

And then there's the tried and true scams where crooks try to get you to send them money. You are advised to never wire money or provide personal information, double check with friends that send you things that may appear too good to be true, and remember that if you did not enter a contest you cannot be a winner.

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