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In a quick Christian County Board meeting Tuesday night, it was mainly housekeeping items on the agenda at the meeting. But one Christian County Board member turned in her resignation letter Tuesday.


The board voted to take 10 health insurance benefits out of department budgets and put into the general funds to help the county’s budget deficit. The county has 10 employees that don’t take the county’s health benefits, which allows the board to put this money there. District 4 Board Member Becky Edwards says this action doesn’t mean a department can’t hire a new employee that would require health insurance benefits.



The board also voted to accept the resignation of District 1 Board Member Ashley Linton. Linton still lives in the county, but has moved out of her district, and moving out of the district meant Linton had to resign. Linton says even with her move, she hasn’t lost her passion to help and serve others.



Linton wants to thank all of her constituents for their support through her time in office. She did not rule out a possible run for a county board seat in 2018, but as she said, she is going to take a break from politics for the time being.

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