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UPDATED; The Illinois House was put under lockdown after a "HAZMAT scare" and officially convened at 3:30 this afternoon to look to override Governor Rauner's veto of the House tax hike and budget bills. The House floor is currently open and hearing remarks from the different representatives both for and against the veto override proposal. 
BACK STORY; The Illinois Senate Tuesday morning passed both the spending bill and the tax increase bill, that were approved by the House on Sunday.  Both passed with some Senate Republicans voting "yes" on both bills to provide the veto-proof majority needed to override the Governor's veto, which came at 1:39 Tuesday afternoon.
The Senate quickly overrode the Governor's veto of both bills in votes later on Tuesday afternoon, and Illinois' first full-year budget will be law when the Illinois House convenes to override the Governor's veto of both bills.
The House's Sunday vote on both spending and tax increase bills were veto-proof, which means that when they vote to override the Governor's veto with what should be a veto-proof majority once again, the budget will become law.
The new budget increases the personal income tax from 3-point-7-5 to 4-point-9-5 percent, and the corporate tax from 5-point-2-5 to 7 percent. Both tax increases are permanent.
Democrats claim the 36-point-one billion dollar budget is balanced, with 2-point-5 billion in spending cuts and one-point-5 billion in pension savings.
Republicans wanted reforms in state spending, but didn't get any.  
Reforms the Republicans wanted include statewide property tax relief, cost reductions in workers' compensation and benefits for state-employee pensions, and working toward dissolving or eliminating local governments.








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