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Insurance policy discussion and park manual language was the main discussion points at the May meeting of the Taylorville Park Board. Topics included whether or not to cover the city pool itself under insurance and how to word an extended leave policy up for approval.


The meeting started with resident Jerry Cocagne speaking to the board about why the board dropped him as their insurance agent and why he wasn’t notified.



Park Board President Marlane Miller said while it was unfortunate that no contact was made and should have been made, the board was saving money and better insured without going through an agent. She also said 90 percent of other park districts using the IParks program have dropped their agents as well.


In old business, the board had a vote planned on how to word a new policy regarding extended sick leave in the park district manual. After several minutes of discussion, Miller said what the board seemed to be agreeing upon.



The board then approved the policy as read. Also brought up was the possibilty of adding insurance for the city pool to its insurance policy. Park District Administrator Mary Anne Becker said the pool itself has never been insured, and most districts don’t insure their pool because they are considered “indestructable”, but also pointed out there are multiple ways the pool could sustain damage. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting which is scheduled for June 26th.

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