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Another new business is opening in Taylorville. Southern Ledge Pools and Patios opens for business soon and will be offering services with your pools and outdoor patio needs.


Teresa Wiltsie, President of Southern Ledge Pools and Patios spoke with Regional Radio News and said the company will be able to help you with your outdoor pools and patios, whether it’s installing an above or in ground pool, or servicing your pools.



Southern Ledge isn’t just limited to pools. If you’d like a unique patio, whether that means an outdoor pizza oven or complete outdoor kitchen, Southern Ledge can handle it.



Wiltsie said to expect Southern Ledge’s pricing to be very competitive with similar businesses in Springfield and Decatur, and will also offer delivery of necessary chemicals for your pool.



Southern Ledge will have a storefront location at 306 East Main Cross in Taylorville, and will have various displays and pictures of what they offer available. Wiltsie also said if Southern Ledge doesn’t have something that a customer may want, they will work to bring that item to their store.

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