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The University of Illinois Extension have several seminars coming up for those who are interested in learning more about a variety of subjects. One seminar will focus on “specialty food producers”, where guests can learn more about the production process of specialty food items, often found at farmer's markets, with another seminar focusing more on the use of the web and social media to promote your business.


Terry Miller, Publicist with the U of I Extension joined the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show, where she shared more details on these seminars. She said with the specialty food producers seminar how people can learn more about the various items often found sold at farmer's markets. Miller said she feels the recent movement towards locally grown food is a step in the right direction.



The other seminar focuses on the use of social media in business, and how it can help improve the business-customer relationship.



Those interested in attending either seminar can get more information, or sign up on the University of Illinois Extension's website.

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