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The Lake Land College Community Choir is inviting the public to attend their annual spring concert at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 26th in the Lake Land College Theater. The event will feature several pieces, with guest appearances by Kevin Miescke (Miss-Key) from Eastern Illinois University, Bassist J.B. Faires, and Drummer Jay Ferguson.


Nancy Caldwell, Music Instructor at Lake Land College and Director of the Community Choir said the event is one of two concerts the choir performs per year, and invited the public to attend the event free of charge.



Caldwell had more information on the musical pieces being performed during the concert, including guest accompaniments on the french horn and Piano by Eastern Illinois Univeristy Instructor Kevin Miescke.



The choir is a community choir that the public can become involved in themselves. Caldwell said anybody can get involved as long as they’re 16 or older, and a part of the Lake Land College District.


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