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The Taylorville City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night at the Taylorville Municipal Building. A short meeting was highlighted by motions addressing other municipalities borrowing city equipment, city employees, and remembering a prominent member of the community.


Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton spoke with WTIMTV following the meeting where he explained exactly what the city did when it comes to loaning city equipment to other municipalities.



Another motion came out of discussion during the personnel committee preceding the night’s city council meeting regarding a city employee who had handed in their resignation, but had since changed their mind. Mayor Brotherton explained in further detail what the situation entailed.



There was some concern from several alderman on allowing the employee to rescind the resignation. Mayor Brotherton shared why, and what the city ultimately elected to do.



The city also held a moment of silence for a former member of the community, as well as a former city Alderman.



To view the complete interview with Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton, click on the WTIMTV icon at TaylorvilleDailyNews.com

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