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Each candidate running for the position of Taylorville Mayor had a chance to address the public last Wednesday during the Taylorville Mayoral Forum, put on by the University Women of Christian County, Taylorville Professional Firefighters, as well as local media outlets WTIM, who also broadcast the forum live, and the Taylorville Breeze Courier.


Each candidate had five minutes to outline their vision for Taylorville to the crowd of about 150 people in the North School Gymnasium. The candidates also answered questions from each local media outlet, as well as questions submitted from the crowd, and Taylorville students.


Citizens will have the chance to vote for the candidate they feel will be the best leader for Taylorville on April 4th. The Taylorville Mayoral Forum is available for viewing in it’s entirety by clicking on the WTIMTV icon at TaylorvilleDailyNews.com

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