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After numerous donations from local churches and organizations, The Christian County Senior Citizens Center has enough funding to once again offer transportation and lunches on Wednesday. Wednesday lunches have been canceled the past two months because of cut funding from the state to the Senior Center. The Wednesday lunches will continue throughout June, but  they could be canceled again in July if the center can't generate more money.


Judy Gates, Area Supervisor for Meals on Wheels of CEFS, and Gerry Mahr, Director of the Christian County Senior Citizens Center, said they are saving the donations they have received now in case they don't have funding from the state come July.

Mahr said they are continuing to take donations to prepare for the remainder of the year. He said donating is easy, and people can choose whether their money goes to the lunch program, to transportation, or wherever else.

Mahr and Gates appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.  

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