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The University of Illinois Extension Unit 18 is holding a clinic for those who are interested in raising sheep and goats for the upcoming county fair, or for those who might want to do it for business. Alicia Gullidge, 4-H Youth and Development Coordinator, will be leading the program and will be going over everything someone may need to know to raise a healthy sheep or goat.


Gary Letterly, Energy and Environmental Stewardship Educator said Gullidge has a history with sheep, and learning how to raise goats and sheep, for those who want to raise livestock, could work because not as much space as needed.

Letterly said the benefits of joining this program include learning about purchasing sheep and goats, their health, nutrition, and much more.

Registration is still available, but do so promptly as preparations have begun for those already registered.


Letterly appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.  

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