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The Rehabilitation and Wellness Department of HSHS Good Shepard Hospital in Shelbyville is partnering with the Shelby County Senior Center to offer a new dance program to help participants get in shape called Go!217. There is no age requirement and anyone is welcome to attend. The classes are free, and, as of right now, will be monthly, but that could change as the program progresses.


Tonya Bowrey, Manager of Rehabilitation and Wellness Services at HSHS Good Shepard said the classes are similar to a Zumba style class, but less strenuous.

Bowrey said as of right now, she and her staff are teaching the classes in a line dancing style, but they hope to connect to the community to eventually offer more and let professional dance teachers take over.

Bowrey was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show from our downtown Shelbyville Studios. 

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