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The Taylorville area has encountered an ongoing problem of scam phone calls. Taylorville Chief of Police Brian Hile recently was the recipient of one of these calls, and wanted to take the opportunity to remind the public to just hang up if you receive one of these scam calls.


Hile said he originally thought the call that he received was from someone else, but when he realized what the call was actually about, he couldn’t believe it.



It was the second scam call that Hile has encountered, saying some calls sound more legitimate than others.



One of the latest scams is where an individual receives a call from someone who immediately asks “can you hear me”. The Taylorville Police Department warns to not respond, since you are likely being recorded. The caller will record the victim saying “yes”, and then use that as a way to authorize charges on a phone, utility, or credit card bill. Again, should you receive any call you think may be a scam, just hang up.

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