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It’s tax time again. By the end of January all those W2’s and 1099’s should have arrived in the mail, plus interest payment information for any deductible payments to a lender. If you have a complicated tax situation, and are sitting in front of a pile of forms, receipts and other documents wondering how to get started, here’s a hint from Paul Neiffer of the CPA firm of CliftonLarsonAllen. To avoid record keeping headaches next year, use one of a variety of tax accounting software programs throughout the year.


CliftonLarsonAllen specializes in farm and business tax returns. Working in co-ordination with county Farm Bureau’s around Illinois, they work with their clients year around to make tax filing a little less painful.

Most farm tax returns must be filed by March 1st, the rest of by April 18, later than the normal April 15th due to a holiday on the 15th in Washington. All of your tax forms from employers, lenders, and others must be mailed to you be January 31st. If you need tax help, regardless of how simple of complex your tax situation, preparers specializing in farm and agri- business returns are available through your county Farm Bureau.

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