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Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou in Shelbyville was originated in 1917 and has specialized in making hair appliances and accessories such as bobby pins, hair pins, brushes, and even hair nets, to name a few, throughout the years. Noel Bolinger now president of Sta-Rite said they haven't always supplied all of those. They started with just bobby pins where his predecessors helped build the business to supply across the country to as far as California. Bolinger looked back and said from their first bobby pin made from plastic to now, a lot has changed, especially in the equipment used to make them, and the rest of their products. He said when it first started off it would take days to make a bobby pin. Now it takes mere minutes.

Bolinger said for the 100th Anniversary of Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou they have changed their packaging a bit, and so far people have enjoyed the change. He said he recently went to a trade show where he was able to see face to face how people received the change.

Bolinger appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show live from our Shelbyville Studios. 

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