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This week WTIM is celebrating its 65th anniversary, and NEWSTALK WTIM is taking a look back to the past to see how it's changed. Marsha Farr owned WTIM and its sister station WEEE from 1988-1992. Far was also a former Business Manager, Salesperson, and On Air Talent was on WTIM from 1984-1991 and hosted the show “Now We're Cookin'” where people could call in and trade recipes, ask questions, and more. Farr, known on air as Marsha Linton said because of the guests on her show and the callers, WTIM was able to put all of the recipes together to make a couple different cookbooks featuring recipes from Central Illinois locals.

Farr said, through her show, WTIM provided some memorable moments for her, including when CNN came to Taylorville. She said when President Ronald Reagan was in office and was contemplating going to the Soviet Summit, many people were opposed. But one Taylorville resident called in and said they were going to fly their flag and support their president.

Farr appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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