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The Shelbyville Festival of Lights is still taking place in Forest Park, and attendance remains high as people are taking advantage of this seasonal opportunity. Freddie Fry, from the Shelby County Office of Tourism said sleigh rides continue to be available this weekend and next weekend for people who want to experience the tour in a unique way. Fry said this festival wouldn't be the way it is without the volunteer efforts of Bill Bly who dedicates much of his time to making sure this month long event runs perfectly, and is exciting for everyone.

Fry said an event taking place this weekend will be a live Nativity Scene at the Nazarene Church in Shelbyville.

One other event Fry made sure to mention was free movies at the Roxie Theater where on December 11th they will be showing Elf, and on December 17th, they'll show Fred Claus.


Fry appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show live from our Shelbyville Studios.

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