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Case Dismissed for Woman Accused of Battery

Charges were dismissed in the case of a woman that was accused of abusing an elderly woman on Tuesday. Officer Robert Goebel with the Christian County Sheriff’s Office testified that he was sent on a welfare check to a particular residence to check on Marsha Carol. Goebel said he tried making contact with someone in the house, and the defendant in the case, Jill A. Durbin responded roughly a half hour later.


Goebel said how he was allowed inside where he witnessed awful living conditions. He stated that Carol told him that Durbin had abused her in several ways including being shocked with a cattle prod, and pouring water on her head, and said how Carol was in overall bad condition.


Judge Brad Paisley ruled that there isn’t probable cause to move forward with the case due to Durbin not fitting the definition of being a caregiver, nor there being any evidence presented as to when Carol’s injuries occured. Judge Paisley also said there wasn’t any evidence presented that stated that the victim was over 60 years old, and ordered Durbin to be released.


Paisley did mention however, that the state could re-file charges, and mentioned how they simply didn’t have everything they needed at this point. The State is gathering evidence, and could still present that evidence infront of a grand jury.

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