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Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation has announced the recipients of the Dr. George Ferry Memorial Scholarship. Raedena Ryan, Executive Director of Taylorville Memorial Hospital spoke with Regional Radio News and said the Scholarship is awarded each year, and shared who were this year’s scholarship recipients.



Both Olivia Graham and Mallory Westrick are graduates of the Taylorville High School Class of 2016. Ryan said that both Graham and Westrick have educational interests and career aspirations that align with the hospital’s mission to improve the health of the people and communities they serve. Ryan also shared some information on how students apply for the scholarship.



Both Graham and Westrick were presented with the scholarships during the Taylorville High School awards night this past spring, and recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Elizabeth Ferry, widow of the late Dr. George Ferry. For more information on the scholarship or the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation, call them at 217-824-1651, or visit TaylorvilleMemorial.org.

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