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The Shelby Electric Cooperative has donated a batch of “Kill-A-Watt” meters to local libraries for library users to rent. Monica Cameron, Library Director for the Shelbyville Public Library which was one of the libraries to receive the meters, spoke with Regional Radio News and explained what the meters do.


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Cameron explained how monitoring when you’re using the most energy can help you save with the power company.


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The meters are available for rent at the library just like a book or a DVD, with the only difference being extended checkout times.


Meters were donated to the following libraries.


Assumption Public Library                        Assumption, IL              217-226-3915

Beecher City Branch Library                    Beecher City, IL             618-487-9400

Marrowbone Public Library                      Bethany, IL                    217-665-3014

Blue Mound Public Library                       Blue Mound, IL              217-692-2774

Dry Point Township Library                      Cowden, IL                    217-783-2616

South Macon Public Library                     Macon, IL                      217-764-3356

Kitchell Memorial Library                          Morrisonville, IL            217-526-4553

Moweaqua Public Library                         Mowequa, IL                217-768-4700

Neoga District Library                               Neoga, IL                     217-895-3944

Carnegie-Schuyler Library                        Pana, IL                       217-562-2326

Ramsey Public Library                              Ramsey, IL                   618-423-2019

Rochester Public Library                           Rochester, IL                217-498-8454

Shelbyville Public Library                          Shelbyville, IL               217-774-4432

Stonington Township Library                    Stonington, IL               217-325-3512

Storm Memorial Library                            Windsor, IL                   217-459-2498

Witt Memorial Library                               Witt, IL                           217-594-7333

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