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Gigabit internet service is coming to Taylorville. Computer Techniques Incorporated will be launching their gigabit internet service on July 9th. CTI recently received an award from the Fiber to the Home Council of North America. Lucy Burtle, Marketing Coordinator for CTI recently spoke with Regional Radio News, and shared what that award is all about, and why CTI was the recipient of it.



Burtle also said how Fiber Internet can benefit a community, stating how it can bring many people and businesses into a community due to the better internet infrastructure of that community. Burtle mentioned how the gigabit internet will help Taylorville, due to it not being available in many other towns and cities, let alone a town the size of Taylorville. To celebrate the launch of the gigabit internet services, CTI will be hosting a launch party. Burtle shared with Regional Radio News some details of the event.



The gigabit fiber internet is comparable to Google’s Fiber internet services. Currently CTI does not have pricing available for the gigabit service for businesses; however residential customers can get the gigabit service for $99.95 a month. CTI is also offering a price lock offer, where they offer the service for $69.95 a month for the duration of you having the service. For more information on CTI or the gigabit internet, call CTI at 824-6398.

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