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St. Marys School Expanding

St Mary’s Catholic School broke ground on a new addition to their school over the weekend. The addition will be made to the newer building at St. Mary’s that was built in 2000, and will allow the school to discontinue use of the nearly 100 year old building on their campus. St. Mary’s Principal Cathy Robertson spoke with Regional Radio News recently, and said how the new addition will provide a safer learning environment for their students.



The expansion is expected to be completed by December, with several grades moving into the new expansion as the year moves on. Robertson gave some details as far as when each class and eventually the faculty will move into the new expansion.



Robertson did say that the old school will be torn down once the new building is fully functional. She explained how the decision was a difficult one, and how the costs to bring the old building up to current standards was simply too great for the school.

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