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Until recently many wouldn’t have spent much time wondering about the safety of their drinking water. That discussion is now happening in many homes because of recent problems in Flint Michigan. US Senator Dick Durbin says the ongoing crisis in Flint pushed him and others in the Senate to find a way to improve water systems. That’s the where he says the True LEADership Act can help a $70 billion bill that he says would be $70 billion well spent. Dr. Peter Kiefer a SIU School of Medicine Pediatrician says there are 3 main ways to ingest lead – contact with contaminated soil, lead paint and water. According to him children are at the most risk for lead poisoning.

Durbin also wants a standard of testing and agreed upon levels of how much lead in one’s blood is an acceptable amount. He says the Department of Housing and Urban Development uses a standard above what the Centers for Disease Control recommends. That leaves individuals and children vulnerable.

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