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The Christian County Board holds 2 meetings tonight.

The first is a "Committee of the Whole" meeting in the County Board room to discuss  the ongoing concerns some County Board members have about the sound system installed some months ago in the Courthouse Clock Tower.  The Board wants to discuss the hours and days the music will play, and who will operate and oversee the sound system. 

That sound system has been a source of controversy the past several months.  While it was donated to the County and installed in the Courthouse Clock Tower, the music playing from it, days and hours it plays, is controlled by the Downtown Taylorville Committee.

Again that "Committee of the Whole" meeting is at 5:30 tonight. 

The regular Christian County Board meeting is tonight at 6:30.  Major items on the agenda include acting on any items that come out of the 5:30 "Committee of the Whole" meeting, as well as discussing elected officials' salaries, appointments and re-appointments.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio and taylorvilledailynews.com for complete coverage of both meetings.

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