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The Taylorville City Council met in regular session last night. The meeting began with the voting of approving minutes of several meetings held throughout the past two weeks, with all minutes passing without much discussion. The city council also oversaw the swearing in of three new firefighters to the Taylorville Fire Department. These new officers, Cole Judy, Jacob Kileen, and Nick Zeppet, all swore their Oaths of Office in front of a crowd that included other members of the Taylorville Fire Department, the City Council, Taylorville residents, as well as members of the local media. One topic that generated some discussion during the meeting was the Plan Commission Recommendation of a zoning ordinance for a Firing Range to be located at 115 N Webster. Although the ordinance passed 7-1, Alderman Budd stated that he disagreed that Taylorville needs the firing range.



Another discussed item of the night was the refinancing of several outstanding bonds that the city owes. Mayor Brotherton explained that by refinancing the debt, the city of Taylorville will save over $200,000. Alderman Jones asked if the city would be taking the savings on the payment that the city would have paid otherwise, and apply that total to the principle balance, saving the city even more money overall.



The City Council voted on a motion to allow Taylorville Fire Chief Mike Crews to budget an amount towards the purchase of a new ambulance. Alderman Walters stressed that it was for a new ambulance to replace the existing unit.



The Council discussed and voted on several more motions throughout the meeting, including a motion to bid and advertise a laborer position in the street department, motions to approve several events happening throughout the summer, as well as a motion forward the FY2016/2017 Lake Budget to the finance committee with an additional $50,000 for an additional line item for possible repair of the bike trail trestle. One item of note was the motion to purchase a piece of equipment for the water department, which came to a total of over $86,000. Alderman Vota explained that even though it’s a rather large sum of money for a piece of equipment, the total cost is well worth it in terms of employee safety.



The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:42 PM.

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