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Charles J. Grimes, 24, of Nokomis, was arrested on January 7th on bond forfeiture warrant for drug paraphernalia.

Kristopher M. Swineburne, 26, of Taylorville, was arrested on January 7th for aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Bond was set $60,000.

Adam Brachear, 28, of Palmer, was arrested on January 7th for theft.


On January 6th at 12:50pm, Christi A. Hustedt, 32, of Stonington, was eastbound on county Highway 4. She was two/tenths a mile west of Township Road 1600 East and hit a slick spot in the road. She went across the westbound lane and into the north ditch. Hustedt, traveled in the north ditch approximately 500 feet before coming back onto the roadway. She then went into the south ditch across the field entrance. Hustedt, went east across Township Road 1600 East, into the east ditch of 1600 East, and came to rest in the field east of 1600 East. Hustedt reported minor injuries and was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital.

On January 6th at 7:08am, Katherine E. Jennings, 55, of Moweaqua was westbound on County Highway 4. Matthew P. Rincker, 33, of Taylorville, was eastbound on County Highway 4. Jennings lost control due to ice on the roadway and slid into the eastbound lane and struck the left side of Rincker. Jennings came to rest in the south ditch. Rincker came to rest in the north ditch. No injuries were reported.

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