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Michael Droke, 24, of Taylorville, was arrested on November 16 for aggravated battery/great bodily harm, home invasion.

Chloe Windell, 20, of Taylorville, was arrested on November 16 for consumption of liquor by a minor.

William Marshall, 4, of Taylorville, was arrested on November 15 for DUI. Bond set at $3000.

Tyler Dull, 25, of Pana, was arrested on November 14 for contempt of court.


On November 12, Janet Christopherson, 60, of Morrisonville, was west bound on County Highway #10. She stated a semi tractor trailer was in front of her and had a right turn signal on. Just before the intersection she pulled into the east bound lane to pass the semi. Christopherson said the semi turned left onto township road 500 east road. To avoid striking the semi, Christopherson veered off the road and into the south ditch, striking the telephone pod and ditch embankment. The truck came to final rest lying on its right side. The driver reported no injuries. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

On November 13, Sarah Sparks, 23, of Pana, was traveling south on Illinois Route 51 at about 1800 North. Sparks said a deer entered the roadway from the east in front of her. Sparks hit the deer with her 2009 Toyota Corolla. Her vehicle was towed from the scene.

On November 14, Kiera Webb, 21, of Springfiled, was south bound on Campbell. Upon approaching the stop sign at Franklin, she attempted to stop and began skidding for approximately ten feet. At approximately the same time, Jason Gullidge, 39, of Gurnee, Illinois was west bound on Franklin at Campbell. As the two entered the intersection, Webb collided with Gullidge on the passenger side. Gullidge did not have a stop sign.

On November 16, John D. Morthland Jr., 41, was traveling north on Route 51 and siad he saw headlights shining in his eyes and he got over towards the shoulder. As he got over, he dlid in the snow and slush down the ditch and overturned several times coming to rest on the drivers side of his 2002 Dodge 1500.

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