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The Taylorville Development Association, a group of local civic and business leaders dedicated to attracting new industry to Taylorville, held their annual meeting and election of officers, this (Wednesday) afternoon at the meeting room of People's Bank and Trust.

The group re-elected Ken Hart as president, Patty Hornbuckle as secretary and Matt Beckley as treasurer.


The majority of the meeting was spent on how to sell 2 parcels of land recently acquired in a land swap with B-C-H, Incorporated. T-D-A now owns 3 parcels of land bordered by Illinois Routes 104 and 29 on Taylorville's northwest side.

The association wants to sell off 2 of the 3 parcels, in order to have the funds to get matching state or federal grants, to build infrastructure at the 48 acres T-D-A is keeping.

T-D-A president Ken Hart told Regional Radio News that the association wants to get the best price possible on the 2 parcels being sold.

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Hart added that the 2 parcels being sold total about 60 acres which he hopes can generate the dollars needed to help obtain federal matching monies for infrastructure.

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Hart says the competition to attract new industry to any community is fierce.

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Hart and the association will be in contact with area auctioneers to determine the next course of action in selling off the 2 parcels. It's hoped an auction can be scheduled sometime this winter.

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