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 width=The Taylorville City Council made quick work of several motions from various committees, at their Monday night meeting at City Hall.

Aldermen heard a recommendation from Bill Harryman of the Taylorville Planning Commission, asking the Council to allow a request from Steve Henry, owner of CSH Investment Management, to build a parking lot and fence for his H-and-R Block employees, on property he recently bought and improved.

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Aldermen voted unanimously to allow the special use permit.

Taylorville City Council members Monday night OK'd an intergovernmental agreement with the Taylorville Park District, then they heard a request from the Taylorville Street and Water Superintendents, to purchase a 2007 hydraulic backhoe at a cost of just over 100-thousand dollars, to replace a 1973 model and also avoid some 4-thousand dollars per month of lease fees on the 2007 model. The purchase request did not go thru the committee process, which prompted a host of questions from aldermen asking why the requested purchase didn't go thru the committee process first. In the end, aldermen voted 4 to 4, and since there had to be at least 6 votes to waive the bidding process, the motion to buy the backhoe failed.

Aldermen at the Taylorville City Council meeting Monday night acted on a number of motions. The Council instructed city attorney Rocci Romano to prepare an ordinance to place a stop sign on North Abby Street southbound, at West Elm in the Hathaway Homes Subdivision; they OK'd the 2015 Motor Fuel Tax funds for road maintenance totalling some 400-thousand dollars; they OK'd the purchase of a cover for the Street Department Salt Shed costing some eleven-thousand dollars; and allowed the lining of 26 feet of storm sewer at 2nd and Washington Streets costing some 12-thousand 800-dollars.

Taylorville Aldermen Monday night decided to change their phone provider. The city is signing a 5-year lease with Computer Techniques, Incorporated, to provide city offices V-O-I-P phone service with payments of some 12-hundred dollars a month. The Council also approved some 100-thousand dollars worth of work on a storm sewer in the former Industrial Park on Central Avenue to alleviate flooding in that area. They also OK'd advertising to hire a replacement heavy equipment operator at Lake Taylorville.
Aldermen also heard a complaint from a resident about sanitary sewer gas odor in the Esther Street area; while Council members were empathetic with the resident, they said that the Taylorville Sanitary District is the governmental body that has jurisdiction over the matter.

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