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 On October 13th, John Peabody, 62, of Taylorville was heading north on Webster and side swiped Beverly L. Chitwood, 40,  of Taylorville, who was also heading north bound on Webster.  Peabody thought he was still in his lane when he hit Chitwood.  He stated he could not see Chitwood due to it being his blind spot. 



 Harland Fromader, 64, of Taylorville was arrested on October 13 for burglary, crimina damage to state property, criminal trespassing to land and resisting/obstructing an officer. 

 Ryan Calloway, 22, of Owaneco was arrested on October 11 for possession of drug paraphernalia. 

 James Barr, 22, was arrested on October 10 for aggravated battery. 

 Cara Montgomery, 39, of Taylorville was arrested on October 13  for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/drugs. 

 Steven Leonard, 35, of Taylorville was arrested on October 13 for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/drugs, and for driving on a suspended/revoked license. 

 Devon Gatons, 40, orf Pana was arrested on October 13 on a bond forfeiture warrant for two counts of contempt of court. 



 On October 12, Mitchell W. Daigh, 25, of Taylorville was northbound on 1600 East at approximately 850 North when he struck a deer in the roadway with his 2005 Chevrolet 1500 and received front-end damage. 

 Shelby Wells, 19, of Jacksonville and passengers Tyler Wells 19, of Taylorville and Christopher Collins, 19, of Rantoul were traveling east bound on 1025 North Road at approximately 977 East, and hit a deer with the front, right side of the vehicle.  Wells came to rest on the roadway at the location.  The airbags in the front of the vehicle deployed.  There were no injuries to the occupants of the vehicle.  Wells 2007 Volkswagen Beetle was towed from the scene. 

 On October 10, Clayton Nicols, 23, of Tylorville was traveling southbound on 1350 East Road approximately one-half mile north of 1200 North Road when a deer entered the roadway.  Nichols stated that he was unable to avoid striking the deer.  No injuries were reported.

 On October 9, Linda Doty, 67, of Beecher City, Illinois was traveling south bound and went into the north bound lane.  Michael R. Mize, 59, of Shelbyville attempted to swerve and avoid contact with Doty.  Doty sstruck Mize in the drivers door.  Mize lost control and went into the ditch east of Illinois Route 29 facing south when Mize came to rest.  Doty lost control after striking Mize and came to rest in the field east of Illinois Route 29 north. 

 On October 12, Brittany E. Kasper, 23, of Taylorville was traveling west bound on Illinois Route 104 approximately two-tenths of a mile west of township road 175 east when a deer entered the roadway.  Kasper was unable to avoid striking the animal and received front end damage to her 2007 Toyota Camry.  No injuries were reported. 

 On October 13 at 7:50am Mark T. Hebert, 60, of Ramsey was west bound on 100 North Road as he approached the intersection of 100 North and 1700 East Roads and slowed the vehicle in order to check for traffic.  Hebert at first, did not see any north or south bound traffic.  He began to proceed through the intersection and noticed Cory Jay Black, 31, of Nokomis was south bound on 1700 East Road.  Hebert realized he was already to far into the intersection to avoid an accident and was unable to safely do so.  Black was south bound, he observed Hebert and thought he had stopped at the intersection.  By the time Black realized that Hebert was proceeding through the intersection, Black was unable to stop.  He then attempted to swerve around the back end of the livestock trailer that was being towed by Hebert.  Black was unable to avoid Hebert and collided with the side of the livestock trailer toward the back axle.  Black then spun 360 degrees in the roadway.  Black came to rest in the south bound ditch of the intersection heading east.  Hebert's trailer received passenger side damage just in front of the trailer from where Black impacted the trailer as well as receiving damage to at least of the axles and the tongue of the trailer.  

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