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You may not have known there was a rodeo in Springfield last week.

 Linemen from Shelby Electric Cooperative participated in the 17th annual Linemen's Safety Rodeo last Friday (10-3) at Lincoln Land Community College.  The event, sponsored by the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives, coincided with a series of courses to help electric line personnel improve their work skills.

The Shelby Electric team included Matt Clark, Brian Chevalier and Nick Dunaway. All three placed in several events, including the Egg Climb and the Obstacle Course. The challenges focus on agility, speed and accuracy. There were a total of five team events and three individual events.  Shelby Electric placed second overall.

 Shelby Electric Cooperative is a member of Touchstone Energy. The co-op serves nearly 2200 miles of line across parts of nine Illinois Counties, including Shelby, Christian, Macon, Sangamon,  Effingham and Fayette.

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