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Officials with the Taylorville Development Association, a local economic development group, announced today (Tuesday) that as a result of months of work, a land swap will be taking place with T-D-A getting 96 acres near the Wal-Mart Super Center between Illinois Routes 104 and 29, in exchange for 84 acres T-D-A currently owns near the A-D-M grain facility on Taylorville's northeast side.

Ken Hart of T-D-A told Regional Radio News that once the swap is completed, they intend to sell off about 40 acres to generate cash to build infrastructure at the new location.

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It would have cost as much as 2-million dollars to run utilities to the A-D-M property, while a large sewer line installed to take care of the Wal-Mart Super Center in 1999, is adjacent to T-D-A's proposed new property between Routes 104 and 29.

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