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The Christian County Sheriff's Office reports that 1 person was sent to the hospital following a crash Monday. Around 8:24am, 82-year-old Janice H. Vincent of Mount Auburn was southbound on 1230 East Road approaching the intersection at 2600 North Road. 30-year-old Rex W. Wheeler of Mount Auburn was eastbound on 2600 North Road approaching 1230 East Road. The intersection has a yield sign for vehicles traveling north and south on 1230 East. 2600 North Road is on a grade which makes it difficult for vehicles to see others until they reach the intersection. Vincent failed to yield to Wheeler and the vehicles collided in the intersection. A Christian County Sheriff's Deputy spoke to Vincent who said she pulled out in front of Wheeler. Wheeler stated that he did not see Vincent until he was almost in the intersection and he was unable to avoid Vincent. The deputy reported that there were some marks in the roadway a couple feet west of the intersection which showed where Wheeler saw Vincent pulling out into the intersection and attempted to stop. Vincent was transported to the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield with injuries described as serious by the report. Wheeler reported injuries that were not physically evident but was not taken to a medical facility.

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