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The Taylorville Police Department is warning the public of a telephone/email scam operation in the Taylorville area. The Police Department says victims receive a telephone call or email advising them to place a NOS® Energy Drink emblem or decal onto their vehicle. Once the emblem is applied to the vehicle, the victim is told they will be paid $300.00 a month for displaying the emblem. The victim will receive a check as payment. A victim of this scam received a fraudulent check for an
amount that exceeded $300.00 and was advised to cash the check and send the remainder of the funds to an address in Michigan. The check received by the victim was issued from a company in Madison, WI.

The Taylorville Police Department advises anyone receiving telephone calls or emails
regarding this scam to be aware not to give out personal information. Anyone who cashes
these checks may be liable for the full amount due to the checks being fraudulent.

Anyone receiving this scam offer is advised to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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