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A meat market in Mattoon is recalling more than 200-pounds of ground beef.  State officials say the meat wasn't inspected but Charles Morgan with Morgan's Meat Market says that's not true. 

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All of the meat included in the recall was sold at one store in Effingham but neither Morgan nor state officials have said where.  Morgan doesn't want to reveal the name of the store since no illnesses have been reported.  Anyone in the area should check their freezer for the two-pound containers of ground beef with the establishment number 516 on the package.  The two-pound plastic bags of Smokey's Bacon and Cheddar Fluffy Burgers are also on the recall list, along with the Swiss and Mushroom Fluffy Burger, the Black and Blue Fluffy Burger, the Jalapeno Fluffy Burger, the Hawaiian Fluffy Burger, and the Chili Cheese Fluffy Burger.  Anyone with questions or concerns can call 217-234 4949. 

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