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Frieda M. McCauley, 20, of 1218 West Pauline Street Apt. 6, Taylorville, was arrested May 15 for domestic battery.

Wayne J. Sowers, 21, of 215 North Main Street, Bulpitt, was arrested May 15 for domestic battery.

On May 14 at 5:14pm, a 16-year-old female was traveling eastbound on 650 North Road. Around 1020 East, the female hit water on the roadway and caused her to hydroplane. The 16-year-old then headed northeast in the roadway before running off the road and into the ditch on the north side of the the road. The impact from hitting the ditch caused the vehicle to roll onto the passenger side. The vehicle rolled three and a half times before coming to a rest on the driver's side. No injuries were reported.

On May 15 at 5:07pm, Isabel E. Lescano, 39, of Nokomis was traveling westbound on 650 North Road. Lescano steered the passenger side of the vehicle slightly off the roadway to the north into the gravel on the side of the road. Lescano then over corrected and lost control of the vehicle causing it to enter the pathway of Geraldine L. Moore, 56, of Palmer. Moore was eastbound on 650 North Road. When Lescano and Moore met, they collided in the roadway. Lescano came to rest heading southeast in the road. The initial impact forced Moore off the road to the south causing her to collide with a nearby tree. Moore reported injuries that were not physically evident but was not transported to a medical facility. No other injuries reported.

On May 10 at 2:12am, Randy L. Marquis, 58, of Assumption, was traveling eastbound on 1780 North Road. Marquis attempted to turn northbound on 1975 East Road. When Marquis made the turn, he over steered the vehicle and drove into the ditch on the west side of 1975 East Road. No injuries reported.


On May 15 at 12:59pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were sent to 1218 West Pauline Street Apt. 6 for a report of a disturbance. Officers arrived and spoke to all persons involved. Following the investigation, Frieda M. McCauley, 20, of Taylorville was arrested for domestic battery.


On May 14 at 4:12PM, Gregory E. Hager, 55, of Taylorville did not yield at the intersection to Amanda J. Zwick, 29, of Taylorville. Hager entered the pathway of Zwick causing Zwick to hit Hager in the front passenger side. No injuries were reported.

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