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At the weekly Shelbyville Rotary Club meeting, the Rotary treasury reports that they have funds to sponsor a new project. A suggestion was made by President Ted Bogart that rather then giving the money away, perhaps considering some type of physical project with Rotary signage, so the community can see a physical project that Rotary has built, and contributed to the community.

Jerry Yockey was the program chairman. His guest is Marla Eversole. Marla's topic today is about her blog "JustMaketheCoffee." Her blog tells about recipes, the assorted critters, and her husband, "Pig-Farmer." Marla's blog allows people to get a sense of what it is like to live on the farm.

Executive Director, Steve Malega, from the Shelby County Health Department, will be the "keynoter" at the next meeting. He will speak about the West Nile virus. 

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