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Scott Wilbur

The Taylorville Police Department has released additional information on the arrest of 56-year-old Scott Wilbur of Taylorville for the manufacturing and delivery of cannabis including details of the encounter with him. On Sunday around 4:11am, the Taylorville Fire Department responded to a structure fire located in the 300 block of North Clay Street. While at the scene, firefighters noticed damage to a garage adjacent to the property where the structure was located. Firefighter entered the garage to check for further damage and were met by Wilbur in the garage. Wilbur reportedly appeared nervous and was very anxious for the firefighters to leave the garage. Wilbur told them he would check for damages later. Firefighters then noticed what appeared to be a bag of cannabis lying on a table. Firefighters left the garage and requested assistance from the Taylorville Police Department.


Officers arrived and spoke with Wilbur who then reportedly admitted that he had a cannabis grow operation in the garage. After determining the scene was safe, officers dismantled the operation. Several items used in the manufactuing of cannabis were seized along with 19 cannabis plants and approximately 1600 grams of harvested cannabis.


Wilbur was arrested for the manufacturing and delivery of cannabis of 500-2000 grams. He was lodged at the Christian County Correctional Center.  

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