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During the three-week break between spring and summer terms, Lake Land College will again offer select Intersession courses as a way for students to earn quick credits. Intersession runs from May 20 to June 5 and students should register for classes by May 19.

Students who enroll in Intersession will be immersed in the course topic and can expect to spend a good amount of time studying and doing homework during the three-week course. Students who enroll in Intersession courses must pay for the class as financial aid will not be available during Intersession.

For Intersession and other courses that are three to seven weeks in length, students must register prior to the first course meeting.

For additional information about the registration process, go to www.lakelandcollege.edu or contact Counseling Services at (217) 234-5232. To view a full list of scheduled courses for Intersession, visit: http://lakeland.cc.il.us/as/as/schedules/index.cfm and select the “View Intersession Classes” link. 

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