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Pictured Left to Right: Scott Montgomery of Farm Credit Illinois, Local Farm Broadcaster Jared White 

This week is National Agriculture Week and as part of the week, Solid Gold 98.3 WRAN held its 17th annual Ag Day Live Broadcast at the Shelby County 4-H Building Thursday morning. During the broadcast, the Shelby County Farm Bureau Young Leaders were serving their 9th annual “Farm City Breakfast”. Scott Montgomery, with and Young Ag Leaders and Farm Credit Illinois, explains how the event got its name:

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Montgomery tells WRAN about Farm Credit Illinois:

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Josh Shaw of Farm Credit, left, talks to Jared White, right.

Josh Shaw, Crop Insurance Specialist with Farm Credit Illinois, talks about the importance of having crop insurance:

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Several Young Ag Leaders Serving Breakfast


In part 2 of the day, Newstalk 97.3 WTIM held its 22nd annual Ag Day Live Broadcast at Farm Credit Illinois in Taylorville as part of National Agriculture Week.


Dan Pollock, left, with Jared White,right.

Regional Manager of Farm Credit Illinois Dan Pollock says they are getting ready for the upcoming farm season:

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Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole, Director of the University of Illinois Extension, says they are bring back an old position:

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Mike Franzen

Mike Franzen, Crop Insurance Specialist with Farm Credit Illinois, says there are different options out there for how much a crop is covered under the insurance:

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Derek Stayton

Derek Stayton, loan officer with Farm Credit Illinois, says technology has played a huge part in how they do business:

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Miller Media Group local farm broadcaster Jared White hosted both live broadcasts.

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