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The Taylorville City Council met Tuesday night due to the President’s Day holiday. They passed a number of motions that came from various council committees, and also heard a complaint about water inside one of the airport hangars.


The meeting began with Taylorville High School art instructor Elizabeth McCowin and students Camille Beyers and Matthew Campbell, presenting the city with commemorative coffee mugs for the city’s 175th anniversary. The mugs have a map of the city created by the Art Department students. The map was a creation of the High School Art Department and the Taylorville Tourism Committee. Taylorville will celebrate its 175th anniversary as part of Chillifest in October.

Taylorville City Council members passed a number of motions at their meeting Tuesday night. Motions were passed Tuesday night to allow the Youth Turkey Hunt with shotguns only at Lake Taylorville April 5th and 6th of next year; they OK’d seeking bids for cabin cleaning at the lake; the OK’d airport manager Bill Newberry to get estimates for replacing the seal on the south airport hangar doors and investigate adding trench grates. Council members Tuesday night also OK’d Street Superintendent Speagle to authorize the purchase of a snow plow not to exceed 72-hundred dollars, OK’d Speagle to authorize the purchase of a welder not to exceed 22-hundred 65-dollars, and gave the OK for Speagle to purchase a new motor, mechanical seal, and other repairs for the Kincaid Booster Pump Station costing no more than 31-hundred dollars.

Taylorville aldermen passed a number of motions that came out of council committees, at their Tuesday night meeting. Council members OK’d a motion to begin the process of hiring 2 police officers to replace 2 that will be leaving, and possibly hire another officer at a later date; they OK’d hiring summer help next summer; and OK’d the police department to buy evidence software not to exceed 55-hundred dollars.

Taylorville aldermen, during the portion of the meeting that is open for public comment, heard from Mike Cohgan (COH-gun) who rents hangar space for his airplane at the Taylorville Municipal Airport. Cohgan tried to get his plane out this week, only to find the hangar full of water and his plane frozen to the floor. He spoke to the problems with the hangar.

[audio:CohganaudioFeb1814.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Mayor Greg Brotherton instructed airport manager Bill Newberry to work with Cohgan to help with the drainage issue inside the hangar where he leases space. Aldermen also are working on a long-term solution to the airport hangar drainage issue.



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