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On December 8, Margaret C. Burgener, 49, of Taylorville advised she was westbound on 1350 North when she attempted to slow down to turn north on 1025 East Road. Burgener advised due to the condition of the road (being ice covered), she was unable to complete the turn and ran off the road onto the shoulder of 1025 East. Burgener struck a guide wire causing damage to the front right side to her vehicle and pulling the cable out of the ground. Burgener's vehicle was not disabled and she was able to drive out of the ditch, back onto the roadway and eventually home. Burgener advised she did not have any injuries and was not in need of medical attention.

On December 8, Cindy A. Woodrum, 49, of Athens, was traveling north on County 5. At
approximately 1340 North, Woodrum lost control of the vehicle, ran off the road, and hit the ditch causing damage to the driver side of the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

On December 7, Casandra N. Pinnell, 22, of Morrisonville, was traveling west on south street and Gary L. Jones, 67, of Morrisonville was traveling south on SE Third Street. The intersection is an unmarked intersection and four pickup trucks were parked on the northeast side of the intersection which obstructed the view of both drivers. Pinnell and Jones entered the intersection at the same time causing a collision. Pinnell was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries that were not physically evident. Jones reported no injuries.

On December 6, Kelley M. Brooks, 45, of Lincoln was traveling north on County 22 when a deer ran into the roadway. Brooks hit the deer causing damage to the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

On December 5, Carole E. Brown, 48, of Nokomis was northbound on County Highway 1 about 2/10ths of a mile north of 225 North Road when she ran off the roadway on the east side and overturned coming to a rest on the passenger's side facing southeast. Brown was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries.

On December 5, Nehemias S. Montes, 30, of Beardstown, was traveling southbound on Illinois Route 29 and was approaching Township Road 1000 North. Montes stated he lost control of the vehicle on the icy roadway. Montes began to rotate clockwise and slid in the west ditch for approximately 115 feet before striking a drainage culvert. Montes overturned once and the vehicle landed on its wheels facing west. Montes reported minor injuries.

On December 7, Shane W. Lucas, 23, of Kincaid left the scene of a crash. Later it was determined that Lucas had hit a deer causing the vehicle to strike the ditch. There were no signs of damage to the vehicle from the deer. No injuries reported.


William M. Lewis, 32, of 407 South Jefferson, Litchfield, was arrested December 6 on a bond forfeiture for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jacob G. Fahl, 19, of 186 North 500 East Road, Morrisonville, was arrested December 7 for domestic battery and consumption of liquor by a minor.

Joshua F. Haines, 28, of 1519 West Elm Street, Taylorville, was arrested December 7 on a warrant for failure to complete sex offender registry. 

Michael P. Mason, 28, of 2117 East Whitmer, Decatur, was arrested December 6 on a bond forfeiture for driving on a suspended/revoked license.

Lester C. Callahan, 21, of 1550 East 2500 North Road, Blue Mound, was arrested December 6 for using the credit card of someone else.



On December 7th, Taylorville Police Department officers went to 1519 West Elm Street in reference to a warrant for the arrest of Joshua F. Haines, 28, of Taylorville. Following making contact with Haines, officers placed Haines under arrest for failure to appear in court and was transported to Christian County Correctional Center.

On December 6, at 9:23pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to the alley way behind 202 East Poplar in reference to a possible domestic disturbance. Following investigation, Douglas W. Cushing, 39, of Pana was arrested and issued a local ordinance violation for public intoxication.

On December 6 at 3:49pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to Taco Bell in reference to a male subject acting suspiciously. Following investigation, Robert M. Shake, 32, of Taylorville was arrested for disorderly conduct.

On December 6 at 5:32pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were out at 727 West Vandeveer Street in reference to Gary Klinger, Andrea Kennedy, and Gregory Boyer being involved in a dispute. Following investigation, Klinger, 27, of Taylorville was arrested for disorderly conduct.

On December 7 at 2:12am, Taylorville Police Department were dispatched to the KFC parking lot on 510 North Webster Street in reference to a one car accident. On scene, a 2002 Ford pickup was found crashed into a light pole in the middle of the parking lot. There was major front end damage to the truck. Logan A. Neville, 18, of Taylorville and Caleb N. Dean, 18, of Taylorville were outside the vehicle. Officer checked to see if Neville and Dean were injured and both said they were okay and did not need medical assistance. Neville said he was eating his Taco Bell when his drink fell. He reached down to pick it up and struck the light pole head on.Taylorville Towing towed the vehicle to their lot. Logan and Dean left in Dean's vehicle.

Sometime during the overnight hours of November 16, Zachary R Newberry of Taylorville was legally parked in the 500 block of South Cherokee Street. An unknown vehicle struck Newberry's vehicle and then left the scene. Newberry was able to leave the scene.



On December 6, Dave Neville of Taylorville reported a burglary and theft from the Electronic Purchasing Agent on 201 South Locust in Pana. Several cell phones, miscellaneous accessories and money was reported to have been taken. Case is under investigation.

On December 7, Joan M. Perry, 53, of Pana was eastbound on Route 16 when a deer entered the roadway. Perry was unable to avoid a collision with the animal and struck it with the front passenger side of the vehicle. Perry sustained moderate front end damage. The deer could not be located. No injuries reported.

Following a traffic stop on December 8, Michael R. McKitrick, 26, of Pana was issued a citation for speeding 65mph in a 45mph zone.

Following a traffic stop on December 8, Jarad R. Bartimus, 31, of Peoria was issued a citation for speeding 69mph in a 45mph zone and a citation for driving while license is revoked.

On December 8, Amy L. Schoonover of Pana reported criminal damage that occurred at the above location. Unknown person(s) used a sharp object to scratch the paint on her 2007 Chevy Tahoe and her 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. The incident occurred sometime between 11:30pm on Dec. 7 and 3:00am on Dec 8 while both vehicles were parked in the drive of 600 South Locust Street, Pana. The paint damage is valued at over $1500.

On December 8, Zachary T. Apke, 17, of Pana skidded out of control and struck a utility pole on Chestnut Street. Apke had major damage while the pole had no damage. Apke was issued citations for driving too fast for conditions, graduated drivers unlawful number of passengers front seat, and operation of an uninsured vehicle. An 8-year-old boy reported injuries that were not physically evident and was taken to Pana Community Hospital. No other injuries reported.

On December 9, Shayla N. Roberts, 33, of Shelbyville was westbound and lost control due to ice on the road. Roberts hit Phillip D. Banning, 56, of Pana in the driver side door. No injuries reported.

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