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 width=The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest Committee held their regular monthly meeting Monday night, as planning continues for their event on the square October 5th and 6th.

Committee chair Greg Hornbuckle told Regional Radio News that the committee has done a lot of work over the past month, and the program is at the printer.


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And, Hornbuckle says the annual event takes a lot of community volunteers.

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Hornbuckle says the chilli keeps people coming back, and changes in games and entertainment each year keep them on the square.

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19 Little Miss Chilli Pepper candidates, 8 Little Mister Chilli Pepper candidates, and 12 Junior Miss Chilli Pepper candidates, will all participate in the annual Chillifest pageant Saturday morning, October 5th on the Chillifest stage, as part of the 2-day event. The entry deadline for all 3 contests was September 5th.

Entries are being accepted, for 2 days of chilli and salsa cookoffs sanctioned by the International Chilli Society October 5th and 6th during the 2013 Chillifest.  The official chilli and salsa cookoff entry form, is now available at the event’s web site, chillifest.info, and that’s “chillifest” with 2-L’s, and available at the Chamber office on the 2nd floor of the U-S Bank building on the south side of the Taylorville square. 

Registration forms for the “Hot to Trot” 5K Run and Walk, and the annual Bags Tournament, are also available from the chillifest-dot-info web site or from the Chamber office.


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