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The Taylorville School Board is finalizing the contract with Ameresco for the School Energy Conservation Project. One aspect that is being put together is the funding mechanism. David Pistorius with First MidState told the Board at their meeting Monday night that bonds are the way to go:

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Pistorius said the firm will walk step by step with the Board through this process if they decide to go that route and hire them.


Jeff Quimby addressed the Taylorville School Board at their meeting Monday night about the lack of communication he experienced with bus services:

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While his situation was resolved, Quimby wanted to voice his concern for future situations. Quimby said he had a conversation with Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau some time prior to the meeting about signing up for bus services at registration to avoid future problems.


The Taylorville School Board noted that Taylorville High School student Rhett Warner was selected to join the Illinois State Board of Education’s Student Advisory Council for the 2013-2014 school year. The Board also noted that the High School Girls Track & Field Team received the HIS Team Academic Achievement Award. The Board was presented with the 5 year review of Board Policy and was told that everything is up to date. The Board was presented with a review of district student achievement scores. Reading and math scores for the District have dropped from last year but the state average also dropped. PSAE scores for the 11th grade have steadily increased over the last few years. The Board was also presented with a short overview of the Common Core Standards that will be implemented next school year. The state of Illinois adopted Common Core Standard Testing so the District has to make the necessary changes in the curriculum to accommodate those standards. The Board also approved the list of District administration evaluators which consists of Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau, Anita Brown, Robert Richardson, Matt Hutchison, Kirk Kettelkamp, Beth Vincent, Brandi Bruley, and Nancy Ganci.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:48pm.

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