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Dale M. Mulvaney, 71, of Edinburg was backing out of a driveway and backed into a vehicle owned by Amy K. Daykin, 49, of Mt. Zion. Daykin's vehicle was parked on the south side of Hickory Street and was not occupied. As Mulvaney entered into the roadway, his back driver side bumper hit the rear driver side door of Daykin.

On August 7, a 16-year-old male from Stonington was traveling north on 1600 East Road at about 2025 North. The 16-year-old lost control and drove off the east shoulder and continued into a bean field. He then rolled over three or four times coming before the vehicle came to rest on its wheels. Both driver and a 16-year-old male passenger were out standing when police arrived. The passenger was taken to St. John's Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The driver reported no injuries.


Heather L. Cunningham, 33, of 2280 West Center Street, Decatur, was arrested August 7 on a bond forfeiture for reckless driving.

Aaron M. Ballion, 21, of 1006 East Franklin Street Lot 3, Taylorville, was arrested August 7 on a bond forfeiture for burglary.

Megan N. Hays, 22, of 702 East Union Street, Nokomis was arrested August 7 on a bond forfeiture for theft/unauthorized control.

Kristen L. Millraney, 18, of 922 E Ash Street, Taylorville, was arrested August 7 for aggravated battery of a police officer and on a bond forfeiture for domestic battery.

Cory D.G. Krouse, 20, of 922 East Ash Street, Taylorville, was arrested August 7 for domestic battery.



On August 7 at 6:47pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to 922 East Ash in reference to a domestic dispute. After officer's arrived. Cory D. Krause, 20, of Taylorville was arrested for domestic battery and endangering the life/health of a child. Kristen L. Millraney was arrested for domestic battery, aggravated battery to a police officer, and endangering the life/health of a child. Both were lodged at Christian County Correctional Center.

On August 7, a Taylorville Police Department officer was sent to 2108 Grand Boulevard for a domestic. The male caller stated he would be in a red jeep at the entrance. Taylorville Police Department advised that Jacob G. Gideon, 26, of Rochester had a suspended license. The officer made contact with Gideon and verified who he was. Gideon was placed under arrest for driving while license suspended. Gideon was transported to Taylorville Police Department for processing and released on a notice to appear.

Earl A. Walters, 73, of Taylorville advised he was traveling south on Main Street, when he approached the intersection of Main and Vine. Walters said he stopped at the intersection and then proceeded into the intersection, not seeing Jean Williams, 78, of Taylorville. Walters sayd he could not stop before striking Williams on the passenger side. Walters had front end damage and was issued a citation for failing to yield at a stop intersection.

Williams advised she was stopped at the intersection of Main and Vine, heading west. Williams advised she proceeded into the intersection and was almost through when Walters entered the intersection and struck her. Williams had damage to the passenger side front and rear doors.

Witness Jacque S. Nation, 43 of Taylorville said she was stopped at the intersection and that it was Williams' turn to go.

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