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Heather J. Kendall, 38, of 1819 Baker Drive, Charleston, was arrested July 1 on a bond forfeiture for speeding.

Brandt A. Ehrhardt, 29, of 1015 W. England Street, Taylorville, was arrested July 1 for driving under the influence of alcohol.



On June 29, a 16-year old male from Morrisonville was traveling south on 700 East Road. The male was turning east onto 400 North Road when he lost control of the vehicle on the loose rock on the roadway. The male then went into the South ditch and overturned on the driver side and came to a stop in the south ditch. No injuries were reported.




On July 2nd at 12:06 am, a Taylorville Police Department officer received information that a female with an active arrant out of Montgomery County was at 1009 East Main Cross.

Officers made contact with Pamela S. Zumwalt, 49, of Taylorville and verified the warrant through Taylorville Police Department dispatch. Zumwalt was placed under arrest and transported to Christian County Sheriff’s Office.



On June 29, Joshua J. Bruner, 39, of Taylorville, and Gary M. Hendricks, 50, of Taylorville, were traveling south on Fairground Road. Hendricks was slowing down and Bruner was unable to stop in time and struck Hendricks causing damage to the rear bumper. No injuries were reported. Burner was issued a citation for failure to slow/stop.

On June 26, at approximately 5:21pm, Gregory E. Stephens, 64, of Taylorville and Derek L. Page, 32, of Assumption were traveling westbound on Springfield Road. Both Stephens and Page said there was another vehicle traveling in the same direction in front of Page. The unidentified vehicle slowed/stopped suddenly in traffic. Page said he had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him. Stephens said he attempted to stop and realized he was not going to be able to so he tried to swerve around Page but was unable to swerve around fast enough and and struck the bumper of Page. No injuries were reported and both were able to drive away from the scene.

On June 24 at 5:44am, Taylorville Police Department Officer were sent to a one vehicle accident at Cheney and Springfield Road with injuries. Officers arrived and found that Wesley S. Kibodeaux, 31, of Taylorville had struck a traffic light pole head on. Kibodeaux was the only occupant and had to be assisted out of the vehicle by EMS personnel. He could not tell officers what happened. Heather R. Storm, 29, of Shelbyville witnessed the event and told police that she was southbound on Cheney when Kibodeaux came up behind her at a high rate of speed, went off the pavement into the grass, slid in the grass for about 150 feet, and then struck the traffic light pole head on. The crash caused major damage to the front end of Kibodeaux's vehicle and the impact jarred loose one of the traffic lights on the overhanging arm causing it to fall into the roadway. Kibodeaux's vehicle was towed from the scene by Taylorville Towing and he was transported to St. John's Hospital for treatment. A Taylorville Police Department officer went to St. John's to talk to Kibodeaux who told the officer that   he must have fallen asleep and still did not remember what happened. Storm said she could not tell if Kibodeaux had fallen asleep or not. Kibodeaux was issued citations for improper lane usage and no insurance. 

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