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Jerry Yockey had the honor of installing Kristy Gorden as the newest member of the Shelbyville Rotary club. 

In a brief amount of new business, Pres. Ted Bogart proposed that the Shelbyville Rotary Club join the Shelbyville Chamber Of Commerce. Bogart is working with a potential fundraiser in which Rotary will bring a business development speaker, Michael Caruso, to the Chamber of Commerce breakfast, sponsored by our club. More details to follow.

Gina Vonderheide was their keynoter. Her topic yesterday was the Shelby County dive team.  Representing the Dive Team was Cmdr. Scott Enkoff and Assistant Cmdr. Austin Pritchard. Club members were cautioned to avoid crossing roads that appear to be flooded, as this is a common hazard, particularly Beck's Creek in Herrick and Little Wabash near Stewardson-Strasburg. There are currently 15 selfless individuals on the Shelby County Dive Team. They've added a sophisticated amount of diving equipment including: side-imaging seminar, dry suits, integrated face masks containing regulator and communication device. The Dive Team is available 24/7.

The next Rotary Meeting will be Monday, July 8 at the Shelby Memorial Hospital. Bogart advises all members to attend this meeting as it is the most important meeting in the last 50 years of Shelbyville Rotary. The meeting is at the Shelby Memorial Hospital, enter on the South Side of the building on Second Street, go through the sliding doors, make a right, and the Meeting Room is the first set of double doors to the right. 

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