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Christian County Board Holds Short Meeting



The Drug Court Graduation was brought to the attention of the Christian County Board at their meeting Tuesday night. Chairman Paul Schmitz explains what the event is:

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The graduation is this Friday, June 21st, at 1:00pm in the Taylorville High School cafeteria. 


The Christian County Board was informed at their meeting Tuesday night that they may have to reimburse a sheep farmer after he lost 22 sheep to a wild dog attack. Board member Laura Wilkinson what was decided in the Executive/Personal/Liquor Committee meeting in regards to the situation:

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Despite being uninsured, the farmer is entitled to some reimbursement according to the Animal Control Act. The money would come out of the Animal Control Fund. 


The Christian County Board took care of many motions in their short meeting. They approved the requests to fill the Sheriff’s deputy position following the retirement of Mick Moliske later this month and to hire an additional correctional officer. The Board also clarified how it was going to accomplish the split of the sharing of a secretary between the Solid Waste Office and the Zoning Office. They decided to have the Solid Waste Office maintain status quo for this fiscal year and incorporate the 60/40 split next year. The Board also adopted the annual prevailing wage ordinance, approved the motion to continue work on the Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy with the department heads, and approved the Highway American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees to leave a week delay in pay which would make overtime calculations in sync with the pay period. The meeting adjourned at 6:47pm.

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